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Get the Life you Want with a Personal Coach

Do you struggle with knowing your purpose?

Do you lack clarity, focus, or motivation?

Do your goals seem to elude you no matter what you do?

The key to optimal living is deep understanding of why we do what we do, and how to change the course of our trajectory. This level of clarity doesn't have to leave you irritated.

Imagine your life armed with a proven, personalized plan that outlined everything for you, a support system that worked, and a coach that would answer your questions along the way. Don't you think you would accomplish the life goals that are important to you?

I did. Life coaching changed my life, I've studied it, understood it, integrated it, and now it's time to give back to the world!

If you are tired of struggling on your own , Kolos Coaching is for you!


Meet Your Coach

Ilia Kolosov

• 10 years of experience in coaching & motivational speaking
• Deep understanding of the human needs & laws of influence
• A successful business owner in a niche market of ballroom dancing
• Accountability and integrity expert

Here's what you'll get with my life coaching:

✔ An introductory call with me - your coach!
✔ Tools & skills for discovering your life's purpose
✔ Clarity & insight about why your life is the way it is
✔ Weekly accountability and check-in video calls

With all this support, don't you think you'll have the break through you seek for so long?

Stop waiting and start living the life you deserve today!
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